Travel Safety Tips For Photographers

At first, travel tends to leave us speechless, especially when going places we have never been before. Then, it turns all of us into the greatest storytellers ever. Most of us travel wishing to discover new places, but we ultimately end up coming across new people, lifestyles, and souls. And this helps us grow as human beings. Travel spices up our lives. And if you also happen to be passionate about photography, mixing the two will generate the most pleasant results.

Unfortunately, tourists fall victim to pickpockets and thieves eager to take advantage of the often times exaggerated excitement of traveling tourists. Paying attention to their bags and expensive camera accessories falls second, especially when going someplace exotic where everything is picture-worth. You can however lower your risk of dealing with thieves during your next vacation. Follow the next few tips below and you should be and feel safer as a traveling photographer.

Safe Packing Ideas For Your Photography Gear

  • The more you back, the more restless you will feel as you will need to protect everything on you from the hefty hands of pickpockets and thieves. This includes your camera gear. And thieves are not the only potential perils you might submit your gear to when traveling. Just think in terms of airport TSA personnel or taxi drivers manipulating your bags, tossing them carelessly and damaging the contents.

  • Use as many pads as you need and pack your photography gear as if everyone else is determined to steal or break it.

  • Use TSA-approved luggage locks that are used to prevent bags from opening by accident. They usually come with little or no security in mind, but they can also play the role of good deterrents to potential thieves. They are either built-in, or they come in the form of external padlocks or lockable straps. While most of them are rated as low security locks, you can also opt for more advanced models. Talk to a professional locksmith company such as and ask them to discuss the most suitable luggage lock varieties they can provide you with.

  • You can also take a look at the type of luggage locks you can find online or at a local hardware store – but just make sure you opt for TSA varieties. Opt for travel padlocks that will secure your bags by locking the zips together and that also feature highly visible colors.

  • The more worn out your bags will look, the slimmer the chances of someone being interested in stealing them. As proud as you might be to be a photographer, you do not want to look like someone carrying expensive gear while trying to figure out where they are. Instead, go for that low-budget traveler look and use dirty, torn backpacks and do not flash around branded bags.

  • Rely on camera insert bags and turn any bag into a camera bag if you do not wish to use a regular and often times bulky cameras backpack. Opt for inserts that have padding and gear protection.

Hotel Safety Tips

  • Rely on hotel safes to keep your photography gear safe and sound while inside the room.

  • Use travel locks that can be installed on hotel room doors and add a higher degree of safety, on top of the existing locks.

  • Portable door jammers and travel door alarms with LED flashlights are also advisable when traveling.


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