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Retrica Photo Editor

Retrica Photo Editor is a photo application for smartphones, primarily intended for making selfies. Retrica photo editor contains 50 filters in the free version and 80 filters in the paid version.

The most popular filter is of course the "retro effect filter", which makes the photos look as if they're coming from the past.

Even though all of the effects could be added to our photos with Photoshop later, Retrica allows us to do it in the moment, while taking a picture. There's also a possibility for setting a timer for shooting photos and many other interesting features . Retrica App is great for those who are creative and enjoy in the benefit of the digital age - selfies.


Retrica Download: Download, Install and Enjoy

How to install Retrica on Android phone?

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Type the word Retrica in the search
  3. Click on the install button (you'll need about 40 MB of space on your phone)

How to install Retrica on Iphone?

  1. Open the iOS App store
  2. Type the word Retrica in the search
  3. Click on the install button (you'll need about 40 MB of space on your phone)

Updates are made regularly to improve reliability and speed.

Retrica Aapp gives you unlimited possibilities for taking and sharing photos with a wide combination of filters, decorative stamps, layouts and creative editing effects. You can go hands free and use a selfie stick!

Take photos in a million ways and share them with the world, family, friends and upload instantly to social media. Retrica app works perfectly with Facebook, Instagram and other social media services.


Apply the professionally designed filters even before you snap a photo. Your special moments will become more memorable with deep and chic filters that Retrica offers. This amazing photo editor is simple to use and provides a fun and spontaneous experience to all photography fans.

All mobile photographers who love filters and collages will enjoy in this well-executed photo editor.

The fact that is free, will encourage you to try it out and see if the Retrica App can represent your photography style in the best way. What people love most about Retrica is the live filters feature which gives you a possibility to apply the filters even before taking a picture and see what it looks like.

That's why Retrica is the favorite app of all selfie lovers. Retrica has recently become adds free, meaning you won't be bothered with annoying adds anymore, while using the app.

Download Retrica for Android

Download Retrica for iPhone, iPad

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