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There are millions of photos and selfies uploaded to social media every day, but not all of them are uploaded the way they are intended to be.

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Quit Cropping, Use InstaSize Instead

Some pictures get cropped on the sides, collages can’t fit in perfectly in frame, or the text does not really blend in. Taking a perfect picture for your social media account, whether it is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even all of them, is not as easy as it seems.

And when finally you get the best shot and want to upload it, you need it to be perfect as well. Unfortunately, built-in image-manipulation tools in many social media apps are quite restrictive, preventing you from uploading better quality image.

Those days are gone; InstaSize is here to help you edit and upload any image from your smartphone gallery properly.

Do we really need another image-editing app?

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App is basically a piece of software that provides means of doing things with your smartphones. Hundreds of photography and image-editing apps are available in application markets, but many of them offer similar features.

It is the same thing as computer or smartphone operating systems; they offer more or less the same features, but there are differences especially from the perspective of user interface.

InstaSize distinguishes itself by delivering user-friendly user interface and easily accessible tools along with social websites integration. By simply tapping the app button, your image is ready for editing and uploading. In the Instasize App, you will find filters, collage, frames, typography, effects, and plenty of backgrounds to choose.

By adding colored backgrounds to your photo, the app makes sure that all parts of the image will be visible with no cropping or useless fillers.

By creating stitched images and efficient self-managed resizing, the result is more complete that the auto-crop option you get from the built-in auto-crop tool in Instagram, for example. It offers an image editing computation that even Instagram does not have.

It is also possible to add stickers and stamps to every image for fun, include text or caption in the image, and use the manipulation tools to adjust warmth, shadows, contrast, brightness, highlights, and focus by vignette. All in all, it is a feature-rich image editing app compiled in friendly user-interface and integration with Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, Instagram, and other popular social media.

You can also send the edited images to emails or chat apps.

Download Instasize for PC?

InstaSize is a multiplatform app that works with major smartphone operating systems including Android, IOS, and Windows. Even better, the app is available for download via PC from


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